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The Nightshade War


   Decades ago, the victims of an inhumane experiment were accidentally granted incredible abilities. Instead of avenging themselves on those who wronged them, they chose to protect the public from the horrors unleashed by the dark dimension known as the Nightshade. In doing so, they won freedom from a government that would control them and admiration from a public that could have feared them. These phenoms became heroes, icons, legends, and their children followed in their footsteps.

   Generations later, the forces of the Nightshade are once again rising, but the greater threat to the phenoms could be the truth of the long ago experiment that created them and the ways that it may have altered humanity forever.

The Nightshade War is a series of superhero novellas. Each book features both cover art and interior illustrations by Shelby Cragg.

Book One, Duskfall is available now.


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