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   Blessed with incredible strength, Lia has always longed to be a true hero like the superstar phenoms that make up the Order of Defenders. A chance encounter with her adolescent idol, Vigil, catapults Lia into the big leagues, where she has a chance to make a real difference in the catastrophe-plagued Kingston City.

   But Lia quickly learns that sponsors, press, and presentation are as important to her new peers as saving the world! Worsening matters: Vigil makes clear that he thinks she shouldn’t be in the hero business at all.

   Lia must fight for her dream, though the reality is far from what she imagined. And she must do it quickly, before the dark power that has plagued Kingston for decades consumes her and Vigil both…

Duskfall is the first novella in The Nightshade War series. It is illustrated by Shelby Cragg.


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